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Ready to take your comfort to the next level? Relax your feet in HEYDUDE shoes. HEYDUDE tennis shoes manage to maximize comfort and ease with a variety of shoes that are easy to slip on & versatile. These shoes will support you throughout your everyday adventures while being so lightweight and comfortable you won’t want to take them off.


HEYDUDE is a brand that is rapidly growing in popularity, especially as comfort first fashion continues to trend. Founded in 2008 by Alessandro Rosando with just one style, the Wally, HEYDUDE has cemented itself as a brand with comfort at the top of its priority. Since then, the brand has diversified its shoe portfolio with awesome styles for both women and men. The shoes are made using recycled cork, plastic, and leather. They have made their love for the planet known from the beginning.


HEYDUDES shoes for men are revered for their casual yet fresh style and lightweight design. They go with most casual outfits and are perfect for all-day wear. HEYDUDE shoes for women, like the Wendy, sport a similar design to the men’s shoes with patterns that are perfect for a fashionista. She can chill out in bright styles that match her unique vibe. HEYDUDE shoes are great for everyone and any time that top notch comfort is required. So don’t be afraid to push the envelope and embrace comfort by wearing HEYDUDE shoes to any occasion. Swap out your usual sneakers or slip-ons for cloud-like comfort. Pair with dresses and skirts for a leveled up yet relaxed look. Or try pairing them with jeans or sweats to capture the casual yet smart style that HEYDUDE is already known for. There is no limit to your styling options with these shoes. Frankly, your closet is not complete without HEYDUDE shoes. These shoes feel like walking on clouds and their versatile color selection for both men and women make it easy to pair with your wardrobe.


Drop by Famous Footwear, or shop online to get your very own pair of these wonderful shoes. They are growing in popularity among older and younger generations alike. After all, unbeatable comfort is for everyone. Snag your pair and enjoy cloud-like comfort all day long. HEYDUDE shoes are good for the sole, and the soul.