Soles4Souls turns unwanted shoes into opportunity, by putting them to good use–providing relief, creating jobs and empowering people to break the cycle of poverty. Since 2016, Soles4Souls Canada has distributed more than 2.1 million pairs of shoes and pieces of clothing across the world, diverting 2.3 million pounds of textiles out of landfills.


Providing Relief

Whether it’s disaster or shoe donations to children experiencing homelessness. 4Relief distributes new shoes and clothing to people in need.



Fighting Poverty

4Opportunity helps people in developing countries launch and sustain their own small businesses selling donated shoes and clothing.



Protecting the Planet

By repurposing unwanted items and putting them to good use, 4thePlanet keeps them out of landfills and extend their lifespan.

How Can You Help?


Making a difference is as easy as donating in-store

or online today. These donations help provide

everyday essentials and support systems

that all kids need to thrive.