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You’ll welcome rainy days once you add these women's rain boots to your wardrobe. Make a splash in cute and colorful options that make waterproof boots look better than you ever could’ve imagined. You’ll also enjoy the functional aspects of these rain boots for women with lots of water-resistant features like protective rubber foot covering and quick-dry neoprene linings.

So, what type of rain boot is the right type for you? First thing to consider is how you’ll be using them. Are you searching for a pair that will regularly take you through wet and soggy conditions? Or do you just need some waterproof boots for women that will help you navigate a few sidewalk puddles on occasion? If you chose the first option, you’ll want to look for a pair of rain boots that’s fully waterproof and possibly hits higher up on the ankle to avoid water seeping in the top. If you’re looking for a pair that’s more for occasional rainy weather and need something more along the lines of splash-proof than full-on waterproof, consider ankle-height rain boots or duck boots. These styles still protect your feet from wet conditions but are more minimal in coverage.

Even if you’re not dressing in anticipation of wet weather, lots of rain boots for women can be worn as a fashion statement. Especially when it comes to duck boots. This style of boot has been around for years and has recently made a comeback in the fashion space.

Duck boots are most easily recognized by a protective rubber covering that wraps the entire toe and foot area. The upper part of duck boots can be made from a variety of materials, some of the most popular being suede and fabric, for a little extra touch of style. Find the right women's rain boots for your needs today!