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To get a good workout, you need great training shoes. And lucky for you, we have a huge selection of women's training shoes… But what makes a trainer shoe the right style for your activity level? First, consider what you’ll be doing in these gym shoes. Cross-training typically includes activities like weightlifting, interval training or aerobics—basically, any exercise that involves lateral (or side-to-side) movement, for which you'll need durable workout shoes.

Women's training shoes are often called cross-trainers and have wide soles to provide more stability and tread with extra grip. Women's training shoes are preferred for lifting weights due to their wider, flatter feel underfoot rather than the cushy feel of a running shoe. This allows the wearer to feel grounded and keep your stance steady while weightlifting at the gym. Look for a trainer with a flatter sole to keep you from losing your balance while lifting weights.

When shopping for the best training shoes for women, you may want a style that’s lightweight and flexible to keep you light on your feet. Or you may desire a style that’s more supportive for gym activities like cross-fit or aerobics classes. Some of the best women's training shoes may also include a smooth pivot point on the outsole. This allows for the wearer to turn easily on the ball of their foot during aerobic dance classes like Zumba or Jazzercise. Many of these sneakers come in a high-top style for added ankle support. High-tops will help keep your ankles in line as your move through your workout.

The shoe style you need depends on your workout. And if you’re into walking, running and cross-training, it’s smart to have a different pair of trainers for each activity. Each style has its own unique features tailored to each type of exercise. And having multiple pairs will keep you from wearing down one training shoe with every type of workout.

Finding a style from your favorite brand will help keep you motivated and looking sharp. Shop Nike cross-training shoes or adidas training shoes right here at Famous Footwear for all your workout needs. Ryka training shoes are another fan favorite because they are made specifically for a woman’s foot. With features like a narrower heel, softer foot cushioning and a roomier toe, these women’s training shoes are popular for good reason. Find the right pair of women's training shoes helps you take your workout to the next level today!