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Converse has been making shoes for over a century. There is a reason this shoe has been around so long and Famous Footwear respects a classic. Converse has a rich history, the Converse All Star that we all know and love started out as a basketball sneaker back when the sport first came to the states. Despite being known as a basketball shoe eventually, Converse were adopted by musicians and became the shoe of multiple countercultures. As such, Converse developed more colors for more people to enjoy.

Even though Converse started out as athletic shoes, the sneakers’ transition to a lifestyle shoe helped diversify the range of looks available. Men’s Converse have become synonymous with effortlessly cool style. The constantly evolving colorways keep Converse on the map. They have become a staple in sneaker culture.

Converse sneakers are known for their canvas upper, and round cap toe. That capped toe increases the longevity of the shoe, by adding a durable material in an area that sees a lot of wear. The contrasting stitched details are common in the Converse All Stars. They feature a canvas lining and cushioning insole. The outsole is made of vulcanized rubber for the great traction that made the Converse so popular as basketball shoes. Vulcanized rubber makes for a flexible and long-lasting outsole. Converse are built to help you be the most authentic version of yourself for a long time.

Embrace your own unique style when you were Converse. Men’s Converse come in more than just the classic silhouettes. Converse is always moving with the trends, that is how they have stayed relevant for over a century. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is a classic and deserves a place in every sneaker collection.

Converse sneakers go great with just about any casual outfit. Pair them with ripped jeans or sweatpants to capture that relaxed streetwear look that’s so on trend. Or they can also add a signature cool look to more structured or formal clothing. If you like to stand out, try out a bold pattern. That canvas upper allows for all kinds of stand-out style moments.

Converse sneakers have an iconic look that transcends every silhouette that Converse makes. That iconic Converse look is often imitated but never duplicated. Converse are worn by such a wide variety, of people from punk rockers to hip hop stars. This is a sneaker for everyone. Get this famous sneaker from Famous Footwear.


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