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Get the job done with confidence in the best work shoes for men. Whether you’re looking for work boots for the job site or slip-resistant shoes for waiting tables, shop a great selection of men’s safety shoes right here at Famous Footwear. To get started, first consider what type of safety features you’re looking for. Do you need slip-resistance, safety toe, waterproofing or insulation? Or maybe it’s a combination of these features. No matter what you need to get the job done, we’re here to help with a variety of men’s work and service shoes for your industry

Slip-resistant shoes for men are what you need if you’re searching for a pair of non-slip work shoes. These styles give you the traction you need to stay safe in the food service and healthcare industries, or anywhere else you may encounter slick surfaces. Work sneakers are another popular choice for their comfort features for those who are on their feet all day. They pair the cushioning comfort and style of an everyday sneaker with safety properties like a non-slip outsole. There are a ton of basic men’s work shoes to choose from, but you can also look for bolder colors and details to add some personality to your look.

Another important feature you may be searching for is a safety toe. Work boots and shoes with a steel toe or composite toe are critical to safety in industrial settings like construction sites. Safety toe boots offer protection from impact by reinforcing the toe box to reduce foot harm. Composite toe boots use non-metal materials, so they make a great option if you work in an environment that uses a metal detector and are more lightweight and breathable than steel toe boots. Steel toe boots offer more protection against impact for those heavy-duty jobs.

Will you come into contact with splashes and spills on the job? Then you’ll want men’s work shoes that are waterproof. Waterproof work shoes will keep your feet dry and are typically easy to wipe clean, too. And look for temperature-rated shoes and boots if you need extra insulation to keep you warm as well as dry.

If electrical shock is a safety concern in your profession, look for electrical hazard rated footwear. These men’s work boots and shoes have been tested for protection against electrocution and use a thickly insulated sole to stop the flow of electricity.

Shop the best men’s work boots and shoes from favorite brands you can count on for quality. Skechers work shoes are very popular for their versatile styles and all-day comfort. Find the right pair for you at Famous Footwear today.

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