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Vans skate shoes have been a beloved American brand for over 50 years. They were first produced in California, where the brand was co-opted by skaters, surfers, and rockers. Now it is a worldwide favorite known for maintaining classic looks while being on the cutting edge of trends. Vans shoes for men come in a wide variety of styles to match every look you curate. Vans are perfect for the laid back, effortlessly cool kind of guy.

Low top Vans sneakers first came in basic hues like black and white. The grippy soles and amazing streetwear style made it an instant favorite. With the design’s success, came even more colors. Now, Vans low top sneakers come in a variety of colors and patterns to match everything in your wardrobe. They make a great addition to your sneaker collection as sneakers that can go with pretty much anything. They’re great casual sneakers but can be dressed up for the right occasion. It’s a great chance to play around with different textures as the low top shoes come with suede, canvas, or leather uppers.

Vans slip-on shoes were first sold in 1977 and the skate and BMX community couldn’t get enough of these shoes. Their easy to wear design and grippy traction bottom made them perfect for the 70’s skating trend. True to the countercultures that loved these shoes and this brand, Vans slip-on shoes come in all kinds of colors and patterns for everyone to find a look they vibe with. The checkerboard Vans slip-on is iconic, but if you’re looking to go for something more relaxed and perhaps understated, there are plenty of solid colors as well.

High top Vans came along right after the success of the slip-ons. They are padded high top skate shoes, so they were originally intended just to give a little more protection to the skater's ankle. These days high top shoes are a bold fashion statement. This streetwear style is great with a pair of well-fitted jeans.

Vans sneakers are all around comfortable and durable shoes. Many styles are made specifically for skating, so if you are looking to hit kickflips or just enjoy the added stability, durability and comfort that Vans skate series sneakers provide, you should check them out.

High quality, stylish Vans sneakers for men can be dressed up or down. Pair them with a nice casual suit, for an effortlessly cool yet put together look, or put them with your favorite graphic tee and jeans if you’re keeping it casual. Perfect for a relaxed office setting or running out to seize the day, Vans sneakers for men will be a staple in your closet.