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Hit the trails, navigate the streams and enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer in the best men’s outdoor sandals. At Famous Footwear, you’ll find river sandals, fisherman sandals, water shoes and more from great name brands you know and love. Outdoorsy guys need water sandals for men that will keep their feet protected, cool and dry during all their adventures. We’ve got his favorites from Teva, Crocs, Skechers and more!

Outdoor and water sandals are just what you need if you love spending time in nature. No camping trip would be complete without them! There are lots of styles to choose from, so it’s important to scope out which one best suits your needs before you select a pair. First, consider if you will need toe protection. Many outdoor sandals have an open toe, which is great for breathability and air flow. But if you’ll be wearing your sandals on rocky terrain, a covered toe can provide more protection against toe stubs and bumps. Fisherman sandals make a great option if you need ample toe coverage from you men’s outdoor sandals. This style fully covers the toe but has lots of slits for ventilation and to help it dry quickly. You can even search for water sandals for men that have an extra layer of protection on the toe to keep you safe and protected.

Water shoes are another style that offers full toe protection. Most of the time, these styles cover the majority of the foot with a mesh material and acts almost like a super-breathable sock. Men’s water shoes are great for water parks or navigating rocky beaches because they’re so lightweight and won’t retain any water. They feel almost like bare feet but offer that extra layer of protection and often have a grippy outsole to help keep your footing on slick surfaces.

Once you’ve determined if you want to keep your toes covered or not, you’ll want to consider how much traction you’ll need from the outsole. Most outdoor and water sandals for men use a special pattern to create traction on the rubber outsole. Think about what type of terrain you’ll be walking on. Will it be slick? Will the ground be uneven or unstable? The more slippery or unsteady the surface, the more traction you’ll want from your water sandals. Lastly, consider the style and appearance of your new pair of men’s outdoor sandals. You’ll want something that’s not only functional but looks good, so you’ll feel great with every step!